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Image by Jamie Street
Image by Minnie Zhou
Obedience CKC CD
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Intermediate / Evaluation
Six Classes
$350 + HST
Course Duration:
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Obedience Novice - CKC Trial Preparation Novice
During these sessions, we will reinforce all the things you learned in Obedience Intermediate and Pre-Novice with a focus on preparing you for trialing your dog for a CKC title of Novice Dog. We will reinforce proper body positioning, body language, and working under stressful situations. We will also be extending the duration of off-leash commands and the absence of the handler.
Commands we will focus on with leash control;
  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Down
  • Wait
  • Heel / Heel through Figure 8
  • Recall
  • Stand for Exam
We will be reinforcing;
  • Strategy
  • Think don't react
  • How to communicate with your lead
  • Thinking as a team
Evaluations include an assessment of the dogs and handlers behaviours, concerns, and questions. This assessment allows for you and your dog to gain a better understanding of what your personal training assessment will look like, how we can help and what your responsibilities will be.
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