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Obedience PCD CKC
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Six Classes
$350 + HST
Course Duration:
Class Length:
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Obedience Pre-Novice - CKC Trial Preparation Pre-Novice
During these sessions, we will reinforce all the things you learned in Obedience Basics 1 & 2 and Intermediate with a focus on preparing you for trialing your dog for a CKC title of Pre-Novice. We will reinforce proper body positioning, body language, and working under stressful situations. We will also be extending the duration of commands and the absence of the handler.
Commands we will focus on with leash control;
  • Sit / Sit Stay
  • Down / Down Stay
  • Automatic Sits
  • Wait
  • Heel / Heel through Figure 8
  • Recall
  • Stand for Exam
We will be reinforcing;
  • Strategy
  • Think don't react
  • How to communicate with your lead
  • Thinking as a team
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