Puppy Gold - K9 Power

Puppy Gold - K9 Power

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The Gold Standard Puppy Builder!

Puppies grow healthiest and best on Mothers Milk. Science has decoded the immunity and growth secrets in canine milk to reveal more than 1,000 bioactive properties. Puppy Gold recreates canine milk to promote immunity, stronger joints, and lean growth.

Multi Use Formula:

Pregnant and Nursing Mothers:

  • Excellent to supplement in low doses before whelping for when Mom is off her food.
  • Helps Moms spring back to excellent condition after weaning.
  • Provides essential proteins, fats, probiotics to help keep your Mom in good milk for large litters.
  • Feed 1 scoop per cup of food, or improvise to your bitch's needs.
  • Tasty, easy to feed formula for finicky eaters.
  • Each scoop contains 115 mg of Calcium.

Weaning Puppies:

  • Mix half scoop of Puppy Gold into each cup of dog food. Add enough warm water to make a thick, soupy mixture. Add to base food. Increase amount of Puppy Gold to suit individual pup's needs.

Growing Puppies:

  • Simply mix Puppy Gold into base food. Feed dry or wet, or improvise.
  • Puppy Gold can be fed up to 4-6 months of age and longer for active or show puppies.
  • For Large or Giant breed puppies pre-disposed to joint challenges, we recommend weaning off Puppy Gold at 3 months of age.

Adult Dogs:

        Use anytime a dog is off their food and needing quick and full nutrition. Excellent for dogs recovering or during illness to support nutritional needs. Top dress on regular food or mix with warm water to make a "soup". Syringe into mouth if necessary.

        Can also be used for underweight dogs to provide easy-uptake calories for safe weight gain.