Showstopper - K9 Power

Showstopper - K9 Power

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All-In-One Coat & Body Optimizer!

K9 ShowStopper is your secret weapon for the show ring and for your valued pets.

Coat and Skin Support

  • Helps build and maintain coat
  • Adds a dazzling shine
  • Develops richness of colours
  • Prevents excess shedding & itching
  • May help relieve hot spots and dandruff
  • A perfect blend of Omega 3/6 and MCT's (Coconut Oil)

 Healthy Anti-Oxidants

  • Supports all areas of the body to boost immunity.
  • Helps maintain focus and relieves stress of campaign and working dogs.

Digestion and Nutrition

  • Natural good flora for intestinal balance 
  • Easier and better absorption of nutrients and fats with high quality digestive enzymes.
  • Top Grade Human Edible Chicken base for extreme flavour and proteins.
  • Use as a healthy gainer for finicky or thin dogs.
  • Use in home-cooked or raw diets to add beneficial fats (Omega 3/6 and MCT's), probiotics/enzymes, and anti-oxidants.