Image by Jamie Street
Obedience training has changed over the years from a strict regimented style to a more inclusive behavioural analysis style of training. While there is merit in all types of training, behavioural analysis training in a positive atmosphere is our preferred method.

We know that issues begin when dogs do not receive the appropriate guidance at a young age. Left unchecked and paired with an inexperienced handler problems begin to manifest in many ways, some serious and dangerous.

An excellent place to start is a basic starter course introducing spatial and leash awareness, basic command control, sit, stay, down, heel, etc. Ensuring the groundwork is positive, rewarding, and appropriate. The basic starter course also manages unwanted behaviours in the handler and dog which include dog aggression, anxiety, guarding of property, food and toys, and fearful reactions. Handlers often need support to manage uncertain situations creating anxiety and fear. We will cover that as well.

Your First Day...

Much like your first day of school, you will be filled with nervousness and anxiety and that's normal and okay. 

In preparation for your first day please assemble a training pack which can be a bag, backpack, or other. Keep in mind you will be bringing the same to every class.

Training Pack;

  • Flat buckle collar (no gentle leader / harness)

  • 6 ft flat leash (not retractable)

  • Small soft treats (we like using small cat treats with flavour)

  • Indoor shoes (no outdoor shoes allowed on the mats)

Should you have any questions regarding the items outlined in this section, please contact us.

Evaluations include an assessment of the dogs and handlers behaviours, concerns, and questions. This assessment allows for you and your dog to gain a better understanding of what your personal training assessment will look like, how we can help and what your responsibilities will be.