Image by Matthew Foulds
Image by Elena Mozhvilo

Your First Day...

Much like your first day of school, you will be filled with nervousness and anxiety and that's normal and okay. 

In preparation for your first day please assemble a training pack which can be a bag, backpack, or other. Keep in mind you will be bringing the same to every class.

Training Pack;

  • Flat collar (no gentle leader / harness)

  • 6 ft flat leash (not retractable)

  • Small soft treats (we like using small cat treats with flavour)

  • Indoor shoes (no outdoor shoes allowed on the mats)

  • Small water dish

  • Water for you and your puppy

  • Pen & notebook (no recording of sessions allowed)

  • Favourite toy which will occupy your puppy during breaks

  • Bed or mat

Should you have any questions regarding the items outlined in this section, please contact us.